Au Compliant Dart Front 3 Point Seat Belts Morris Classic

This seat belt is a NON-retractable 3 point seat belt (both lap belt and across the shoulder) with a plastic push button buckle (Choice of 3 other buckle styles). It extends to 88" This seatbelt is universal fit, so it is perfect for most any car, truck or van. All seat belts work in both driver or passenger position in your car and includes 1 restraint for 1 seat/person. Seat Belt Webbing Colors. A three-point retractable seat belt is a retractable safety belt that has three anchorage points. The seat belt has a "Y" shape, and has a shoulder strap that supports the upper body in a crash. In a collision the 3-Point belt spreads out the energy of the impact over the chest and pelvis. JUST N1 Car Seat Safety Belt Adjuster Universial Auto Vehicle Harness Kit Retractable 3 Point Safety Seat Belt Straps Automotive $32.16 $ 32 . 16. What is a 3-Point Seat Belt? A 3-Point Seat Belt is a safety harness with 3 mounting positions. The seat belt is built in a "Y" shaped configuration, and resembles a lap seat belt with the addition of a Shoulder Harness. A 3-Point Safety Belt helps restrain the passengers chest & shoulder (upper body) in a collision. Our Adjustable 3 Point Seat Belts do not wind or retract. 3 Point Seat Belts Retractable or Non-Retractable Retractable 3 point seat belts retract automatically and conveniently out of the way into the retractor box once you unbuckle. And non-retractable seat belts well they don't! Made in the USA with domestic and foreign components. RetroBelt 3-point retractable lap and shoulder seat belt systems are available for bench and bucket seat applications. They're offered in a variety of colors and buckle styles. Replace or upgrade your original safety harnesses with quality-made reproductions from RetroBelt.


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